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Streamline Event Parking with Parking on Demand

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

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Parking at events can be difficult because it involves organizing attendees, processing payments quickly, and keeping things secure. Take too long and lines start to pile up. This can cause frustration and traffic that can impact surrounding roadways. That's where Parking on Demand (POD) comes in. They provide a complete and easy-to-use system to make parking at events much easier. With features like accepting cash or card, selling passes in advance, tracking in real-time, and detailed financial reports, this solution offers incredible benefits for event organizers.


Pre-Selling Passes and Greenlist Management:

POD’s solution makes the pre-selling process easy. Attendees can easily buy parking passes online. This reduces congestion and wait times. Organizers can also upload a greenlist file. This can list authorized vehicles or attendees, with the flexibility to append or overwrite the file as needed.

Barcode Scanning and Fraud Protection:

POD’s system incorporates advanced fraud protections to ensure the integrity of parking permits. Once you scan a barcode, the system does not allow it to be scanned again. This prevents fraud or misuse of permits. It also supports different barcode formats, including QR codes, regular barcodes, and manually entering codes. This allows for seamless entry using different methods.


Cashless Transactions and Supervisor Control:

Event organizers can offer cashless transactions through the use of MSR printers. This not only enhances convenience for attendees but also reduces the risk associated with cash handling, including improving the safety of your cashiers and personnel at the event.. To maintain strict financial control, only supervisors can perform “blind drops”. This ensures accountability and prevents unauthorized access to funds.

Real-Time Tracking and Handheld Devices:

The solution utilizes real-time handheld devices that work seamlessly during the event. These devices enable attendants to check and issue tickets in real-time. Doing so ensures accurate record-keeping and efficient parking management. Also, event managers can access a real-time tracker on the backend, allowing them to track event transactions remotely. This allows for real time cashier audits which allows "Mid-Shift Drops" which can improve safety of the cashiers.


Comprehensive Financial Reporting:

The Parking on Demand platform provides a centralized platform for viewing financial details and summaries. Organizers can effortlessly access sales, refunds, and net sales data in one place. This enables better financial analysis and decision-making. This information helps identify the most utilized parking lots. That means organizers can better plan future events.

Cashier and Barcode Usage Reports:

Access detailed cashier reports. These include an overview of each shift, including transaction breakdowns by cash, card, and barcode. This feature ensures transparency and facilitates accurate reconciliation. Event organizers can also run barcode usage reports. This lets them review scanned barcodes and identify accepted or denied entries. Denial reasons include "Not on List" or "Already Scanned."

Parking on Demand revolutionizes event parking management. It offers: Pre-selling capabilities, Efficient barcode scanning, Cashless transactions, Real-time tracking, and Comprehensive financial reporting. By leveraging these features, event organizers can enhance the attendee experience, streamline operations, and ensure a secure parking environment.

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