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Handheld License Plate Recognition


Use License Plate Recognition directly from the iParq enforcement app, rITD. Simply click the camera icon and take a photo of the vehicle. Plate, State, Color, and Make will populate directly into the corresponding fields in the app. Handheld LPR will provide your officers a faster, more accurate tool to issue valid citations.

Enforcement Handhelds


All the tools you need. Right in your hand.


Displayed directly on the handheld.



Pay by Cell


Pay Stations



Tools of the trade



Turn repeat violators into parking fangirls.

iParq’s scofflaw feature follows your business rules and vehicle code. The module also offers flexibility to enforce compliance and to incorporate educational tools to better serve your parking customers.


For example, the Scofflaw Field Alert could instruct the officer to issue a first time warning or initiate a boot/tow.

Scofflaw information is available for queries and reports that are downloadable in convenient export formats and viewable online.



Chalking for the present day.

Directly from the rITD enforcement app.

Get Paid.


Payment any way, from anywhere.

Customers can pay citations from any device with any payment type you accept.


Your officers did the work, ​let us finish it.

Automatically collect on delinquent citations with DMV, student account, payroll accounts or any other collections method of your choice.


RO & Liens

for in-state offenders.


Out of state lookups using one of the most powerful tools available.



Adjudication is about resolution. Click. Click. Done.


iParq invented the process of online adjudication and understands that the appeals process is time-consuming and expensive. We have refined the system to help the parker make the “right choice” when deciding whether to pay or appeal.

This means that the system guides the parker with visual cues and readily identifiable evidence to encourage the parker to hit the pay button. This design increases collection rates.

If a customer appeals, all information to make an informed decision is displayed for the hearing officer on one screen. Then a simple push of a button will inform the customer, save it in the record, and activate payment options.

Payment Plans

Flexibility when it matters most.

Parker can't pay by their due date?

Self serve or admin approved.

AB 503 compliant.

Need a couple more days?

Click extension.

Mandated Fees

Effortless tracking

and payment.

Built for California,

available in any state.

Made to fit your state & county. 

Quick. Immediate. Simple.












  • Budgets

  • Officer Activity

  • Citation Activity

  • Vehicle Records

  • Repeat Violators

Sample Report Types

The cherry on top? 

A report creator anyone can master.

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