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Parking Enforcement 

Snap a picture, and go:


. License plate recognition (LPR), automated vehicle color and make identification. No typing required. 

. Automated lookup -permit holder -citation history -vehicle.


iParq’s complete enforcement module solves all of the problems of traditional parking enforcement. Adding speed and safety by giving your enforcement officer the right information at the right time, to make the right decision.  


Multiple ways to utilize the enforcement module:


Easy-to-use Enforcement Software & Equipment

* 6.5 oz Android Samsung Phone (handheld device) and a Bluetooth enabled printer * iParq’s enforcement app, rITD comes standard on all handhelds and is packed with features to make your job easier. rITD Features include: Provides enforcement information to make the right decision at the right time. rITD includes LPR software to allow enforcement teams to have access to quick and accurate citation issuance and permit compliance. rITD powers Handheld License Plate Recognition software that allows you to read the plate and get real time vehicle and scofflaw info from the iParq database without the need of filling in all the vehicle details yourself. The e-chalking functionality of the rITD enforcement app lets you e-chalk cars fast, giving your team time for more important tasks. iParq’s rITD enforcement app gives you real time information to make informed decisions on booting or towing cars. rITD integrates with Pay by Cell technology, PARCs, Pay Stations, and more. The Scofflaw​ feature in rITD can be customized to follow your business rules and vehicle code. You also have flexibility to enforce compliance and to incorporate educational tools to better serve your parking customers.

Powerful tools.

iParq equips your team with lightweight, reliable, weather-resistant tools. 

Handheld Licencse Plate
parking enforcement on phone

Handheld License Plate Recognition


Snap a picture, and get plate, color, and vehicle make on the handheld. rITD gets real time vehicle and scofflaw records from the iParq database without the need of filling in all the vehicle details yourself.

Now the decision is easy.

Capable Parking Integrations

Displayed directly on the parking enforcement handheld device.

parking (1).png
parking enforcement on street



Putting automated e-chalking functionality in your officers hands helps your entire team.

parking enforcement scofflaw


Turn violators into cooperators.

Vehicle code and business rule enforcement capabilities to help educate your parking customers.

parking payment

Get Paid.

Citation payment from any device. Seamlessly.

Cash at your front counter? No problem.

Need to eliminate your front counter? We got this.


Payment Plans

AB 503 compliant.


Does your parker needs a couple more days?

Click, done.


  • Time tested and reliable.

  • Delinquent citations, DMV integrations, NLETs, student account, payroll accounts and more.

  • Automated Registered Owner pulls & Liens. 


Out of state Registered Owner lookups using one of the most powerful tools available, the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (Nlets).



Increase collections with Registered Owner pulls & Lien holds for in-state offenders. Send letters or electronic communication based on institution-specific timeframes and rules. 


Mandated Fees


Effortless fee tracking and remittance to the proper State & County agency.​

Built for California, available in any state. 

Designed to fit you. 

Mandated Fees
parking enforcement software


Quick. Powerful.

Simple. And a report creator anyone can use. Get a full view of enforcement activity including:

  • Citation lifecycle

  • Payments

  • Vehicle Records

  • Repeat Violators

  • Budgets

  • Financial




iParq’s online adjudication system visually guides the parker with evidence and tools to speed resolution. Adjudication officers love it.


Key Enforcement Benefits


  • Citation lifecycle tracking from issuance to enforcement

  • Secure online citation payment and appeals for parking customers (violators)

  • Automated citations notification, complete fulfillment services including email & US Postal Service

  • State of the art enforcement handhelds and tools

  • Flexible adjudication and dispute resolution

  • World class hosting and unlimited storage

  • Secure online administrative access

  • Flexible, automated and easy-to-use reporting tools

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