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Three Crucial Parking Permit Design Considerations

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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As virtual permits are quickly becoming the new norm, it’s still vital to have a reliable physical permit on-hand and the parking permit design can make a difference in how effective they are and how easily they can be enforced. Here are three crucial considerations, when designing your permit.

It is important to weigh all things when designing your permit and the way you will implement it. These are the top three essentials you cannot afford to miss.

1. Which way do your cars pull-in? If your lots are front-facing only, permit placement matters. An officer checking the lots needs to be able to see that permit before they get to the car. Standouts such as color and graphics can make a big difference in quickly identifying valid and invalid permits for that lot. Utilizing different colors for different locations or switching monthly can help officers. Additionally, utilizing large print for months or years can also expedite the process.

2. Can they weather the storm? Regardless if you’re in the bitter-cold of Alaska, or the harsh, burning sun of the desert, your permit needs to be there from the moment you place it on the car to when it’s time to remove it for a newer version. Physical permits, even though still tied to a license plate, can really help an officer perform a visual inspection when the rains pour and the snow falls. If you are in a region where you experience extreme weather, consider utilizing a bright-colored permit, a material that is resistant to fading, your permits will last longer and help the enforcement process.

3. Do you have a unique design? No matter how many lots you have, performing a check on every single license plate takes time. Physical permits allow for spot checking much faster to ensure the vehicles in the lot belong there. This process makes the officer use their time much more efficiently. Unique designs that aren’t easily copied or confused with other permits will help officers complete inspections in minus versus checking each car.

Even in a virtual world, physical permits can still be useful as it depends on the specific operation. These three crucial considerations when designing your permit are just a suggested place to start as there are many other considerations to discuss.

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