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Keeping Officers Safe: Why the Right Handheld Matters

Police car lights at night city street

Parking enforcement officers play a critical role in maintaining order and safety on our streets. Their duty of issuing parking violations ensures that traffic flows smoothly and public spaces remain accessible. However, the tools they use have long been plagued by their tendency to break and issues like bulkiness, weight, inefficiency.

That’s why it’s important that what is used is constantly on top of the latest trends, looks like an everyday item, and easy for officers to handle. This not only makes their jobs easier, but ensures officer safety. Let’s review some common problems other handhelds have, and the solutions we have to keep your officers safe.

The Problem: Bulky and Inefficient Handheld Units

Parking enforcement officers rely on their handheld units for electronic recording and printing of parking violations, among other things. Sadly, many of the current devices on the market are heavy, unsafe, and far from comfortable, causing several issues:

They’re too large: Many handhelds are difficult to carry around and slow down the citation issuance process. They call attention to officers trying to write a citation. This can lead to unsavory confrontations and officers in a compromised position.

They’re confusing to use: Outdated design and interfaces can hinder officers' productivity. This can mean staying in one place for a longer length of time, trying to figure out what to do. This adds more frustration and confusion, making their jobs more challenging than necessary.

They get in the way: Due to their size, the design of these units can lead to repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, posing a long-term health risk to officers. Their size can also mean an officer is struggling to put away the handheld, preventing them from safely leaving the scene.

The Solution: A Handheld Device That Works for Officers

To address these issues and enhance parking enforcement, we have reimagined the handheld devices officers use. Our handheld units work with the officer to streamline the enforcement process, and make it safer for them in the field.

Smallest: The size of the handhelds improve mobility and feel more like having a “third hand” while on patrol. Having a handheld that looks like a regular cellphone also means officers can safely pull it out without calling attention to themselves. This improves officer safety.

Lightest: These lighter handhelds reduce the physical strain that a heavier unit might cause, meaning there’s less risk of fatigue while on duty.

Fastest: Speed is essential in keeping officers safe. Quick citations means an officer is in and out, without having to worry about confrontations or altercations.

Cutting Edge Technology: Handhelds equipped with cutting edge technology ensures their use is successful. An easy-to-use interface helps maintain security and reliability in the field, while ensuring accuracy of information behind the scenes.

Parking enforcement officers ensure our streets are orderly and safe. Empowering them with smaller, lighter, and faster handheld devices is about keeping them safe and efficient in parking enforcement efforts. With officer safety as our number one priority, our handhelds are the perfect solution.

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