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Four Things to Consider When Searching for a Parking Management System

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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Avoiding parking issues before they begin is achievable. Creating a parking program that creates cooperation does exist.

However, accomplishing both depends on how your program is set up and the platform that you have to manage it.

We’ve outlined four key questions to ask when choosing your parking management system.

1. Does it have the tools you need to improve your parking operation?

What good is a parking system if it only gives you tools for half of the process? There’s no excuse nowadays to not have all this functionality in a single system. A good parking system is cloud-based, and has tools that allow you to manage permits, enforcement and adjudication all in one place.

Why manage multiple systems when it can all be done in one platform? (Let us know if you need aspirin).

2. Can it integrate with your current systems?

Technology in the parking industry has evolved. Most parking operations have already begun using multiple systems. Unfortunately, some of these systems are not integrated software solution providers. They brought their technology online, but have not developed actual software for their product. They may even be equipment providers who have put a basic app online.

Often, we see parking solutions in the industry that are valiant contenders, only to be stopped at the point of integration. Make sure the software you choose can integrate easily with your current system and is vendor agnostic. A good parking software vendor has the ability to integrate. That way you can provide the complete package to your customers under a single platform.

3. Can your parking software scale to fit your needs?

Like we mentioned about integrations, there are a lot of vendors in the parking industry, but not all are software developers. Most are only parking equipment providers. If you’re not sure what you need, it might look like they offer the same suite of products.

The true difference is in how they position their product. Are you buying off the shelf or can you customize your solution to fit your needs? Can the solution evolve with you as your parking operation evolves? Is there room to add and remove modules or is it one size fits all? Software-based partners can grow with you and scale to fit your needs.

4. Is the parking software company there to support you?

You should never be left in the dark with your software. One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a parking solution is getting the support you need. You need a partner to help guide your success.

A true partner will have a high level of customer service. They are proactive in making sure you’re using the system correctly, solving your challenges, and ensuring success. They are offering new ways and ideas of doing things. If you’re feeling ignored by your current parking solution provider, it’s time to consider a switch.

Along with these four concepts, you should also look for transparency, communication, and respect. You should always know what you’re paying for and feel good about the relationship with your parking software partner.

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