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Partnership Spotlight: Offstreet

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

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This partner spotlight, we’re featuring Offstreet. Offstreet provides campuses and operators with a simpler solution for managing event parking and guest permits.

Who is Offstreet? What services do you offer?

Offstreet helps manage guest and visitor parking at ungated lots and garages. Parking managers use our digital solution to reduce the number of physical permits and decals they have to issue, while providing them an affordable alternative to expensive hardware options, like pay stations and parking meters.

Offstreet’s software is typically used for parking validations, event parking, and guest and visitor parking. Our product is uniquely designed for guests. There’s no app to download, account to create, or payment details required. Guests can quickly register for a permit on their smartphone, or a parking manager can register the guest on a laptop or PC. Offstreet builds the best technology to integrate guest and visitor parking into LPR enforcement to streamline digital parking operations.

What industries do you normally work with?

Offstreet is a great fit for the higher education market, supporting university and college campuses in their transition to digital operations. Higher education clients use Offstreet to offer virtual permits for department guests, special events, contractors, health clinics, VIP’s, and more.

We also partner with private parking operators to serve the commercial market, providing a validation solution for office buildings, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, mixed-use properties, residential lots, and more.

What can clients expect when working with Offstreet?

  • A product-first mindset that ensures we build a safe, secure, and reliable solution that evolves with the needs of our clients.

  • A customer-centric approach that ensures our clients are heard and supported.

  • An always-learning attitude that positions our clients as the experts; we’re always learning from them and interpreting their needs into building impactful solutions.

What are some of your favorite features that Offstreet offers?

I think we’ve built the only solution designed specifically for guest parkers. We prioritize the parker experience by making it as easy as possible to register for a guest permit. The guest simply enters their license plate number to register.

In addition, we have an extremely robust rules engine that accommodates all types of permits, with flexible date, time, and usage based restrictions. By combining flexible permit settings with a streamlined parker experience, Offstreet provides the best solution for guest and visitor parking management.

How do iParq and Offstreet work together?

iParq and Offstreet collaborate seamlessly to offer an enhanced visitor parking management solution, simplifying the process for both users and administrators. The functionality mirrors the user-friendly experience of a pay-by-cell application, streamlining the entire parking process.

How can someone get in touch with Offstreet if they’d like to learn more?

They can reach out to or visit our website,, for more information. Or they can contact our CEO, Matt Fahlman, directly at

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