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Three Easy Ways to Increase Parking Permit Awareness

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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Given that most students have returned to campus and a large number of employees are returning to their workplaces, parking permitting is once again on the rise. Awareness will be your best tool to ensure compliance.

Whether you have new parkers or those who need a refresher, a proper awareness campaign will ensure that your parkers are informed of any changes in parking plans, rules, areas, prices, or other items that have changed over their break.

Look like a communication rock star with these three easy ways to increase parking permit awareness:

1. Update your parking web page. Call out anything new in the header or with a pop up window that requires the viewer to have to click “close” to emphasize the message. Seasonal updates will keep your parkers informed of changes due to weather, holidays, traffic, etc. Including an FAQ on your website is crucial and will take the burden off your staff for answering questions.

2. Deploy Email and/or SMS Text campaigns to your parkers with information on parking rules and regulations, from there, you can add a link which directs them to your website. Email is a great way to build a relationship with your parkers and for them to see you as a resource.

3. Make sure your signage is clean, easy to read, and most importantly, easy to understand. Tow signage, in particular, should be highly visible and easy to read. QR codes make it easy for parkers to secure their parking permit or ask questions if something is unclear. Utilize feedback as a way to make operational changes should you start to see trends.

Parking enforcement is an ally to parkers who have paid for their permits. With proper signage and communication, parkers should not have any reason to say they weren’t aware, unless they are just parking and praying they don’t get caught.

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