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Creating an Effective Parking Information Page

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Want your customers to follow parking procedures? Purchase parking? Get answers to their frequently asked questions? Just creating a web page for this info is not enough. It must be carefully curated to guide your customers, and ensure they have the right information as soon as they need it.

Man and woman looking at computer, Creating an Effective Parking Information Page

Just like everyone else in today’s world you’re probably going to skim this blog post, looking for bold words, links, quotes or anything that pops

out at you.

Eye-tracking research shows that readers skim-read online content, giving you a very small window to share content in a meaningful way. So do it boldly and quickly. If you don’t guide the reader through your content, they’ll find their own path and that window will close very quickly.

Here are three ways to design an effective parking information page.

1. Keep it simple.

You have less than 5 seconds to grab their attention. At a maximum, keep it to three or four main sections:

  • How to Buy Parking (make sure to include maps!)

  • How to Pay Your Citation

  • Parking Procedures/Rules

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure there is easy access to a customer service email, web page or phone number in case there are one off issues or questions.

2. Use infographics.

When designing your page, try to use graphics or illustrations as much as possible. Whatever your customer is doing there, chances are they want to get it done simply, and fast. Make it easy with graphics. Direct them to where they need to go, and take all the guesswork out of next steps. Make it simple, easy on the eyes, and make it pop.

3. Keep it to one page, “above the fold”

A tried and true expression. Above the Fold is an old newspaper term that in web design translates to what the customer sees when they open the page, without

man holding credit card using laptop

scrolling down. Make it easy for the customer to find what they need and minimize the amount of scrolling and clicks. If they have to go to another page, make that page the last stop. Allow for one click transactions and integrations with payment sites like Paypal

or Venmo. Your customers will thank you.

Lastly, test your content and make sure it’s responsive on any browser and on any device. If content and graphics start moving around, you will definitely lose your audience.


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