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Shoreline Parking: Midsummer Check-In

Updated: Mar 7

It’s no secret that summer beach parking is a unique operation for many areas. Creating an EPE Strategy (Equipment, Pricing and Enforcement) is one way to beat the heat you may catch from beachgoers. Don’t have an E.P.E. Strategy? Here’s an intro into developing one.


Sea air, sand, high temperatures, and blinding sun can do a number on enforcement equipment. Ensuring that your equipment can withstand environmental conditions and frequent use that comes with summer parking is key to your strategy. Is it fast? Is uptime an issue? Is it “smart?” In addition, equipment plays a major role in the overall enforcement strategy. Make sure you have equipment that can change with the seasons. But no matter what the season, License Plate Recognition is the most efficient way to enforce parking codes quickly and easily in high-traffic areas.

An influx in beachgoers combined with local business traffic makes parking during summer a scarce commodity in any coastal community.

Demand-based pricing isn’t a new concept, but shockingly it’s an idea that we still don't see being used much. However, it can be very effective. Aside from covering additional expenses that cities incur during peak times, charging based on proximity to the beach , can be a great way to ensure availability and make finding a parking space easier for those willing to pay. Also, consider establishing longer time limits so parkers won’t have to constantly move vehicles.


Because enforcement defines parkers’ behavior, it is the most critical piece of the strategy. In high demand areas at peak times, efficiency is paramount. To minimize the time an enforcement officer spends issuing violations, your enforcement team needs a fully hosted system that is quick and reliable.. Your enforcement system should also inform officers of any scofflaw and serve as a front office to handle citation payments. A system that is data-heavy will give your team an abundance of reporting and metrics which will help you make the right enforcement decisions.

What changes do you need to make to your EPE strategy for this year?

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