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Thank you to our Millions of parkers, partners, and people who have made iParq part of their lives.

Who We Are

For 25 years, iParq has focused on using technology to eliminate chronic mobility challenges with our all-in-one, cloud-based, digital parking management platform and ecosystem of smart parking tools. We help streamline parking operations for events, permits, and enforcement. Our proven ability to create technology, collaborate with clients, develop custom solutions, and provide premium support is unmatched in the industry. 


iParq’s ecosystem is backed by the expertise of our team, our partners, customer community, and the most powerful internet systems ever created. Our platform and suite of services offers smart parking management tools in one place, anywhere, at any time to help streamline operations for our clients. We make parking easier.

What We Do



iParq’s complete enforcement module solves all of the problems of traditional parking
enforcement. Adding speed and safety by giving your enforcement officer the right
information at the right time, to make the right decision. 



Permits have never been easier with iParq. Our Permit Management Module is a flexible solution for permit management. Set up your parking program for your needs. Change it as they evolve.Complete sales control including a virtual front counter for your customers.



iParq’s Event Parking Module features intuitive design, customizable interface, and complete-control dashboard, making managing your event parking process easy. Never stress about event parking again.

Our Mission

iParq uses our software for connection and to eliminate the wait. We connect parkers,riders, sellers, patrollers, managers, controllers, owners and all the other “do-ers” that make mobility happen. 


By enabling the instant sharing of resources like parking spaces, vehicles, communications, payments, permission and so much more, we make your operation run smoothly where it matters the most.

That’s iParq.

A Message from the CEO

"We've spent decades developing software so parkers don't even remember their parking experience."

-Todd Fisher, CEO

Our History

Todd Fisher

iParq invented the first Parking CRM. In 1999, iParq invented Parking Customer Relationship Management (PCRM). Our software manages all aspects of customer communication, interactions, and maintains relationships with your parkers. iParq makes sure that you and your customers are always on the same page. We have created state of the art communication tools that automatically communicate with your parkers and display necessary information to your administrators. In the late 90’s iParq set out to change the way people parked their cars.  By 2000 we had invented new parking permit technology, created the first online parking permit sales capability, built the world’s first web-based dispute resolution system, and powered everything with the mobility sector's first Software as a Service (Saas) Platform.  24/7/365. Way before that was “the thing.” Then, we were the only  We survived the crash. If you were there, you now knew ugly. As the world came back, we expanded our service offerings including a full suite of products to allow for institutions to be in touch with their mobility users.  First the web, then email, and soon cell phone technology.  We serviced the parking enforcement officers with phone-based devices to help them efficiently police their lots.  Barcode readers in the field, wireless connections to their base.  We learned we could provide safety for officers. So safety became a principal focus. And before our eyes, mobility was becoming sexy. By 2008 the platform allowed every user to do everything from everywhere.  Which may be one of our greatest accomplishments.  It allowed sick workers to work from there, parents to get their kids there, and allowed event-goers to go buy parking on the way there. Shortening the cycle.  We found we could eliminate lines for people and cars. Completely eliminate them. We understood lines steal time, life. By extending services, adding partners, integrators, trainers, developers, and viewing the world as a place of sharing, we started connecting everyone and everything.  Shortening processes, waiting, annoyance. In the middle of our time in this decade, we are supporting all types of users, in a wide area.   Using the platform to connect parkers, riders, sellers, patrollers, managers, counters, owners, and all the other “do-ers” that make mobility happen.  By enabling the sharing of resources like parking spaces, vehicles, communications, payments, permission and so much more. Frictionlessly.  At the point of need.  Everywhere. Our mission has grown and we are focused on the fifth wave, the one you’re just getting glimmers of and we see it.  We are building more firsts, like this unlikely crew of professional do-ers has been doing for more than two decades.

iParq Leads the Way in Security


Data encryption in transit and at rest, comprehensive compliance and assurance programs.

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