Parking enforcement officer using iParq device


iParq handhelds display the right information so your officers make the right decision.


Scan the permit, manually enter the plate or permit barcode, or let the handheld analyze the vehicle for you! All citaitons are transferred to the backend website in real time with unlimited photos. 

The backend website will handle everything you need. From issuance to enforcement, it’s that easy.


Below is a sampling of enforcement offerings.

  • HH LPR

  • E-Chalking

  • Boot/Tow 

  • 3rd Party Integrations with Pay by Cell, PARCs, Pay Stations, and more.

  • Automated notifications


  • Collections​

  • Adjudication

  • Payment plans and extensions

woman looking at parking products


Get the line out of your door and onto iParq's robust cloud-based permit platform.


Virtual, physical, or a mix of both! You can manage permits in a way that works for YOU.


Parkers may log in to our virtual front counter at any time of day or night to purchase permits. All transactions are PCI compliant.


Below is a sampling of some of our unique permit management modules designed for municipalities, higher education, and private lots.​

  • Prequalification and Five Approval Levels

  • Document Verification

  • Carpool

  • Waitlists

  • Daily Passes

  • Proration

  • Automatic Deductions

  • Residential Parking Permits (RPP)

  • Graphical Reports and Data Driven KPI's

kid at event


Simple to use for departments and individuals, this is the tool you need for a complete event solution.


Your iParq-trained staff will use the administrator web interface to set up all of the online event parking pre-sale, reservations, and in-lane purchases online.

Your organization has complete control over what permits or reservations are offered, how many are available, dates they are valid, price, and more.

In-lane cash and credit card transactions, as well as validations are auditable in field or from the back office. 

  • Presales

  • Reservations

  • Validation

  • Cash and Credit Card In-Lane

  • Audit Heavy

  • Robust Reporting