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Parking Operators & iParq: A Complimentary Pair

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

It’s no surprise that making paying for parking easy and convenient, leads

to increased revenue.

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As parking operators, we know you work hard to achieve this for your clients and their customers. We also know there's a multitude of ways to do this. But, did you know how easy and affordable it can be?

iParq believes the answer is using an integrated system that combines online permits, digital/on-demand payment, and License Plate Recognition (LPR). Why? It creates a quick and convenient payment system and keeps the cars moving and the revenue flowing.

Make it easy and automatic for customers to pay for parking, and they will. LPR and handheld enforcement systems help you make parking enforcement more efficient (and safer) in the field.

Convenience is key, here’s how iParq makes this happen.

Digital On-Demand Payment

A point-of-sale mobile handheld payment and online permit solution should be designed to be intuitive, user-friendly, especially for events or high traffic areas. With iParq’s Parking on Demand (POD) system, customers get the convenience of paying by cash or credit card, on demand, wherever and whenever. Additionally, in Permitted Parking areas, Permit Management should be accessible to parkers online, with a quick and easy-to-use parking information web page. Also, make sure recurring billing is available to customers so their permits renew each month, without them having to do anything. You’ll reduce administrative costs and give your customers a better experience.

Automated Enforcement

Automating your enforcement reduces manual processes for your staff; this will help increase collections, improve customer service and optimize communication. With the right in-field equipment, relevant citation information is available at your officers’ fingertips to make the right decisions in the field. This also allows your administrators to manage their operation from the back office seamlessly. iParq approaches automated enforcement as a way to protect your assets and educate your customers. Your assets include your officers; by giving them the tools they need to issue citations quickly, you minimize potential safety risks in the field.

License Plate Recognition

Identifying vehicles with LPR technology saves your officers time in the field. They can quickly identify which vehicles have valid permits or those that don't. iParq’s handhelds come with LPR already equipped on all mobile devices, making it even easier and more affordable for your enforcement teams.

iParq combines these components into a secure, fully-hosted, web-based parking management solution that is designed to be intuitive and convenient. Contact us today to find out more.

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