Message from the CEO

"We only employ extraordinary people. It's that simple. We have spent 20+ years building a team of not only talented employees, but of exemplary human beings."

About Us

Like many tech companies iParq traces its roots to a small garage located in Santa Barbara California. iParq began by taking parking to the internet, inventing a host of technologies widely used today: intelligent parking permits (iPermits), web based parking permit sales, cell phones as handheld parking technology, cell phones for events, online adjudication of disputes, open parking management platforms, and much more.

We believe that parking can be convenient and easy. As we studied the industry we quickly learned that parking managers have historically suffered with outdated, difficult, and disparate parking software. Everyone could see that these issues were felt directly by their parkers. We learned that once managers have accurate information and the proper tools, they can make parking use friendly. Everything we do is based on this simple truth.

Our 50+ member team brings 24/7 parking control to hundreds of locations throughout the US and Canada. World leading technology and best in class customer support is the reason for our fanatically happy parkers.